Tube Cleaning

When condenser tubes are fouled with debris, silt, sediment, marine growth or scale, their efficiency is dramatically reduced, costing millions in lost productivity. Corroserve offers a complete condenser tube inspection, cleaning, testing and reporting service that is second to none.

Special cleaning darts are used to effectively clean tubes without damaging the internal walls. This quickly and efficiently returns condensers to peak performance. Corroserve uses a range of tests to identify blocked tubes and verify the integrity of our work including the use of tube lights and back-out inspections to ensure no foreign materials remain.

Tube cleaning can be completed during statutory outages, quickly restoring condenser tubes to optimum working condition. Thus providing major benefits in terms of reduced operating and maintenance costs, extended tube service life, increased efficiency and leak reduction.

Corroserve operators are experienced, fully trained and dedicated to safety and a first class service, completed on time. As a quality accredited company that complies with ISO 9001:2015 we operate in accordance with all relevant international standards or their equivalents.