Corrocoat products are perfect for withstanding harsh operating environments. Our unique high-performance composites and coatings not only fight against corrosion, they also prolong the life of metals and machinery.

Corrocoat is renowned for reducing maintenance, repair work and replacement costs. And it’s not confined to a specific sector either. From industry to industry, Corrocoat products are first choice because they get results – they protect your investment.

Whatever your problem, from critical plant structures to worn and corroded equipment, we’ve got the ideal anti-corrosion product for you.

We believe it’s the best range in the industry. It’s a belief born out from our worldwide sales – and the glowing feedback that follows years after application.


Corrocoat is our main range of corrosion protection coatings. Ideal for critical service applications, these high-performance polymeric products offer long-term prevention of biofouling, resistance to cathodic disbonding, crack bridging, high conductivity, and resistance to chemicals, including high concentrations of sulphuric acid.


Corroglass is our glass flake range of corrosion protection coatings. These high-performance engineering composites use resin technology to safeguard process environments. Typical applications include refurbishing and protecting heavy duty capital equipment such as pumps, valves, water boxes, heat exchanger tube faces, spool pieces, filters, strainers and auxiliary equipment.


Fluiglide is our friction-reducing range of protective coatings. First pioneered by Corrocoat in 1985, these highly energy-efficient products maximise the performance of pumping systems used in power generation cooling water systems, water & waste treatment and process industries worldwide. They also provide an effective corrosion barrier, preventing early fall-off in performance due to nodular growth


HeatBlocka is our protective coating which provides both thermal insulation and corrosion protection. An excellent alternative or addition to traditional fibreglass cladding (which only provides insulation, not corrosion protection), HeatBlocka can be applied to both old and new equipment, on items such as transfer lines, and to tankage to prevent heat build-up, evaporation losses and


Polyglass is our high-performance range of protective coatings developed for their ease of application. Often applied by spray, and with no primer required, these products are highly-effective in extremely corrosive environments. Polyglass can be used on a wide variety of substrates including steel and concrete. Throughout the industrial world, the coatings have helped to protect


Plasmet is our abrasion-resistant range of protective coatings and surface-tolerant primers. These high-performance products are formed from a selection of durable materials to offer versatile protection to a wide range of operational environments. Specially engineered Plasmet coatings are available in differing grades to add extra reassurance when faced with extreme abrasion challenges.


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