Rust and corrosion are expensive for owners. Deteriorating buildings, roads, bridges, etc. are costly to repair, and without sufficient corrosion protection, maintenance will be required more frequently, or in the serious cases, the structure must be rebuilt.
Cathodic Protection (CP) is one of the most effective methods for preventing most types of corrosion on a metal surface. In some cases, CP can even stop corrosion damage from occurring. Metals, especially ferrous metals, corrode in the presence of oxygen, water, and other impurities such as sulfur. Without CP, metals act as the anode and easily lose their electrons and thus, the metal becomes oxidized and corroded. CP simply supplies the metal with electrons from an external source, making it a cathode.

Cathodic protection (Supply, Apply and design):

  •  Carry out CP design for both sacrificial anode and ICCP systems and drawing system, testing, auditing, commissioning,
  • Troubleshooting and repair for both sacrificial anode and ICCP systems.

Corrosion monitoring, control and chemical treatment (Supply & Apply Materials and Certified Technical team)

  • Perform corrosion monitoring systems updates , plan , policies , procedures ,follow up & data analysis and interpretation using (Weight-loss coupons, test spools, ER probes, LPR probes, EIS, EFM, residual amine, iron content….etc.).

Insulation (Hot & Cold) (Supply & Apply Equipment and Certified technical team)

  • Installation rock wall and aluminum sheet according API standard.