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Corrocoat Advanced Glassflake Technology
Conventional technologies
Corrosion protection for offshore platforms

Serving to Industry...

  • Petrochemical, Oil & Gas
  • Energetics Industry
  • Paper & cellulose Industry
  • Food & Agriculture Industry
  • Structural Steel Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Water Treatment & Processing
  • Marine & Port Sector
  • ...everywhere corrosion occur!

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    CORROCOAT EGYPT, c&e company

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    15,El Rahala El Boghdadi st, Ard AlGolf, Nasr City, Cairo.
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    New Indust. Zone
    Bany Swaif Governorate

    Introducing Corrocoat

    Corrocoat has been providing cost effective anti corrosion methods, materials and engineering rehabilitation expertise for over 30 years and enjoys a proven track record in solving corrosion-related problems throughout industry, operating successfully across five continents from more than thirty locations worldwide.

    Manufacturing glassflake coatings tailored to meet the demands of specific environments and problems, we offer comprehensive repair, corrosion protection, prevention, and maintenance solutions, with the flexibility to respond swiftly and positively to individual client requirements.

    Corrocoat technical solutions combine advanced corrosion engineering skills and solid technical expertise with total commitment to quality and performance.

    Whether you simply want to purchase corrosion protection coatings, have us manufacture spares, new equipment or carry out a turn key project, contact us. >>

    Facts about Corrocoat

  • more than 30 years of development cost effective materials with applications worldwide
  • in Corrocoat produced unique technology of Advanced Glassflake
  • licenced partners and overseas operations Corrocoat in more than 35 countries all around The World
  • more than 70 applications for aggressive, corrosive and stressed environment
  • long term and cost effective anti-corrosion protection
  • extending lifetime of current assets - refurbishment of cavitation, perforation, pitting corrosion
  • coopertation in maintenance - storage tanks, vessels, pumps, pipelines, transporting vessels, floors etc.

    Corrocoat Egypt has tight cooperation with Czech pumps producer LENZA WATER SUPPLY s.r.o. The range of pumps covers everything from domestic rainwater harvesting to process engineering to large power stations. LENZA WATER SUPPLY s.r.o. pumps are avail-able for many applications in vari-ous designs, sizes and materials. From extreme temperatures to high pressure ranges to abrasive, corro-sive or solids-laden fl uids: LENZA WATER SUPPLY s.r.o. products are equipped to meet virtually every customers requirement. LENZA WATER SUPPLY s.r.o.

    • Fossil - fuelled power plants
    • Nuclear power plants
    • Water extraction
    • Water treatment / transport
    • Transport industrial waste water
    • Chemical industry
    • Surface treatment systems
    • Food and beverage industry
    • Heat transfer and cooling
    • General process engineering
    • Oil & gas / Petrochem / Marine
    • Domestic water supply
    • Heating and air conditioning